Universal Studios Hollywood

November 10, 2006

Upon entering the park, we were greeted by the Green Goblin.

Anybody hungry?

Nice wheels!


This is inside The Wild Thornberry's Adventure Temple.  This place
was a zoo!  Just imagine thousands of foam lava balls flying all over the place.

Here's our girl seconds before going into battle.

Okay, the bucket actually hit me in the head a split second later...

Here's my reaction to being clocked.  Notice how sympathetic my son looks.
And you should've heard JoAnn cracking up behind the camera.

Here's my beautiful wife taking a break from the craziness.

Dora & Diego were nice enough to pose for a photo.

Waterworld (the live show) was much better than Waterworld (the movie)!

Here's our little girl with mommy and mummy.

Look who joined the party.  Although, I didn't see Donkey.

Lights, camera...

Here we are just before heading over to City Walk for dinner.

So long, Universal Studios.

City Walk was bustling!

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