Random Shots...

Like many of you, I have an abundance of photos just sitting on my hard drive
doing nothing.  I decided to browse through some of them tonight.  Here are just a few
from the past several months that brought smiles to my face for various reasons.

Two pretty girls!

My son would stay in the tub all night long if I didn't tell him to come out.  This photo
was taken some time ago, and I had forgotten about it until now.  I just love his wrinkled feet!

Can you just imagine my little girl thinking, "Daddy, not now."
I love this expression!

I love taking pictures in my son's room.  It's such a little boy's room with
all the dinosaurs.  And there's something so soothing about the blue walls.

Okay, doesn't my girl look like a little mouse in these glasses?

Look at this serious boy.

I just smile when I look at this picture.

Pure joy!

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