Most days, my little girl runs and hides from the camera.  But every now and then,
she's willing to pose for me.  She was a good sport during this "photo shoot" even though
I interrupted her while she was playing in a little creek just outside one of our favorite restaurants.

I asked her to put her hands on her hips.  She obliged,
but she wasn't quite ready to give up a smile.

I love how she's trying so hard to follow my instructions.  I asked her
to lean up against the railing with her arm.  This wasn't quite the look I had
in mind, but this picture brings a smile to my face just because she tried!

You wouldn't know it by looking at this picture, but it was a
very warm evening.  I asked her to fold her arms, but again, it wasn't
quite what I had in mind.  It looks like she's freezing, doesn't it?
Nevertheless, her smile in this picture melts my heart.

She was such a good sport that I decided to cut short the "session"
and let her play.  But I couldn't pass up this final shot...The End.

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