Our Little Flower Girl

August 27, 2006

This past weekend, our daughter and her cousin had the honor of being flower girls.
The setting was the beautiful Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.  I was also asked to photograph
portions of the wedding.  The hotel provided a photographer for the actual ceremony and some
bridal party and family photos, so I was in charge of the pre-wedding events and the reception.
Let me tell you, wedding photography is exhausting!  For those of you who do it regularly, God
bless you!  I'm still trying to recover.  In fact, we're all trying to recover from a busy weekend, so I
barely had the energy to prepare these photos for viewing.  I hope to get more photos up shortly.

Just look at these precious little flower girls!

The reception was held at the Postrio restaurant inside The Venetian.
What a beautiful, romantic setting!

Here's the happy couple.  They were full of smiles and laughter throughout the reception.
As you know, when the glasses ring, the couple must kiss.

Here's one of the many beautiful ceilings inside The Venetian.

Stay tuned for more photos.

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