February 23, 2007

This past Friday night, I took my son to the California Speedway to watch a NASCAR event.
You heard me correctly!  I figured since NASCAR is so huge around the country and because my son has
been watching the movie Cars a lot lately, we'd try out a new adventure.  We caught the truck series race.

We got to roam around the Fan Zone prior to the start of the race.

Nice shot, son!

Okay, where'd he learn this?

Any Jeff Burton fans out there?


Can you see me in this picture?

Can you see my son?

I wonder if he'll look like this some years from now.

It was a beautiful (but very cold) night.


Night fall

Good idea to use a shirt...except if you ever need to change the price.
Looks like the cost of water has gone up.  Creative use of masking tape!

I was not prepared for how loud it would actually get.  I had a headache for two straight days!
But I've got to tell you, when those trucks came around for the first time, it was quite a rush!

This boy came well prepared with hearing protection.

Close race!

This little boy in front of us was able to watch the live feed on this cool television.

Nice...even if it is Nikon.

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