Memorable Moments

Here are some memories from the first three of weeks of December.


Getting ready at Fantastic Sam's for Christmas card pictures...

Notice how excited our son looks while waiting for the finishing touches to be applied.  JoAnn is
actually doing this outdoors.  She found an outlet on the side of a Starbucks building at the outdoor mall!

We were just getting warmed up here.
I told them to close their eyes and think happy thoughts.

I just love my girl's big smile here, and my boy looks so mature.

Merry Christmas!

Nothing like a train ride after all their hard work!

Look how big Allie has gotten!  She's six months old now.

Hanging out at the neighborhood park

Big yawn!

Oh to be a kid!

Here's my little girl enjoying a sunny December afternoon.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to test some different lighting techniques in front of our tree
at home, so I called upon my two assistants.  I placed Assistant #1 in front of the camera...

...and I had Assistant #2 hold my trusty reflector.
She looks so thrilled to be working!

Here's my wonderful family at our church's Christmas party.
Have a very Merry Christmas!

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