"Learn dSLR" Conference

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Here's Scott Robert Lim communicating the keys to taking better photos.

Here's Bob Davis giving us a hands-on demonstration.

I wonder if Scott and Bob got on the phone with each other and said,
"Hey, let's wear our blue striped shirts to the conference."

How did we ever survive without an LCD screen back in the film days?

During one of our breaks, a few of us in my row got on the topic of diffusers and
bounce cards.  The following two individuals allowed me to take a couple of quick shots to
demonstrate how my really inexpensive homemade bounce card works.

Maybe it's his "leaning forward" position, or the way his glasses are sitting low
enough that I can see his eyes above the rims, or maybe it's his very subtle expression, or his
hair...whatever it is, I like this photo.  Sure, if this was a formal portrait, I would have done
some things differently, but for a quick demonstration, I think it turned out okay.

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