"It's No Fun..."

Okay, let me explain the title of this series.  The other day, we were hanging out at JoAnn's parents'
home, and our daughter noticed that her grandparents had some large framed pictures of some of her cousins
but none of her and her brother.  At that point, JoAnn's mom said to us, "It's no fun, because you don't make
prints for us anymore."  I thought about that, and it's true.  In this digital and internet age, we're so used to
just posting photos online that we often neglect to make prints.  So I told our kids that we'd go out and
take some pictures so that they could give both sets of grandparents something to hang on their walls.

I think the grandparents will like these two precious smiles on their walls.

Here are a few more photos.  We were on our way back home from another full day of church activities,
but the "six o'clock" sun was so beautiful that we had to stop and snap a few pictures.

By this time, the kids were getting a little silly, so we decided to wrap things up.


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