Family Visit

Summertime means a visit from my brother's family.  Ever since they moved to the
other side of the country, we only get to see them once a year, so we try to make the most
of our time together.  First order of business was a dip in the pool.

Here's my graceful niece.

Here's my nephew getting ready to make a splash.

Look at my other nephew flying high!

Here's my other niece taking a seat in mid-air.

That's my boy!

"Daddy, I'll pass."

Day 2: A Day at the Beach
The weather was perfect!  The water was refreshing.
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the beach!

Synchronized Digging

My boy had just gotten hit by a big wave and survived!
Just look at the pure joy on his face.

"Stop waves, stop!"

But of course, only God can command the waves.

Check out these little swimsuit models!

Gotta catch this wave!

I had so much fun.  It brought back memories of spending pretty much every summer day
at the beach when I was a kid.  What a blessing it is now to watch all our kids enjoying God's creation.

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