The "Golden" Rule (6/17/06)
Want to improve the look of your outdoor photos?  One easy way to do this is more.

Draw Out Those Beautiful Smiles (5/22/06)
This is sort of a follow-up article to the one I wrote previously more.

More "White Balance" Talk (2/24/06)
Prior to reading my previous article on "white balance" (assuming you more.

Warm It Up (2/22/06)
How many of you have read through your digital camera's owner's manual?  I don't blame you more.

The Challenges of High Noon (1/7/06)
Let's say that one afternoon, you want to go out and take some pictures of the family.  So more.

Watch Your Back...ground (11/26/05)
We've all heard the phrase, "Less is more."  Well, when it comes to more.

All Natural (11/2/05)
In photography, very few factors can affect the mood (and quality) of a photo as much more.

Get A Little Closer (10/11/05)
It's no surprise that many of our photographs are of people.  After all, we tend to take pictures more.

Don't Say "Cheese" (10/4/05)
For anyone who's ever taken pictures of children, you know how difficult it is more.

How It All Began (9/26/05)
There I was, standing next to JoAnn, as she took a final deep breath and delivered our son more.

There is a wealth of information online and in the bookstores dealing with the subject of photography.  Sometimes I feel like I've barely begun tapping into these many resources, but here are some recommendations that I've found to be helpful.
It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Costco.  They have very low prices with an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee.  I really like their photo center.  Order your prints online and pick them up at a store near you for an incredible price!

This site has very good reviews on Canon equipment and also has some great tips on photo technique.  I just like to browse the great photos.  And to my pleasant surprise, the photographer is a fellow Christian!

Nick Kelsh
One day while at the bookstore, I came across a book titled How to Photograph Your Baby by Nick Kelsh.  I found a chair and began to read.  In fifteen minutes, I was finished with this simple book, but the tips have stuck with me ever since.
Great site for forums.  I've learned a lot about equipment and technique here.

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