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Tim was born in the month of December, some years ago.  Let's just say he went to high school when big hair was in and bands like Flock of Seagulls and Tears for Fears could be heard on the radio.  Tim passed on most of the eighties bands in favor of an Irish rock band named U2.  This talented and inspirational foursome has been Tim's favorite band for twenty three years.  When he's not attending a U2 concert, you can find Tim walking around with his camera.  Tim enjoys taking pictures, especially of his family.  He's also passionate about Angels baseball.  He celebrates with them when they win and feels their pain when they lose.  When he's not watching the Angels on television, Tim is usually glued to some remodeling show on HGTV.  Tim enjoys a wide variety of food, everything from steak to seafood, Vietnamese pho to Italian pasta, and Korean food to sushi.  His favorite dish is whatever his wife is cooking!  The most important thing in Tim's life is his relationship with Jesus Christ.  Tim desires to live a life that honors God in the home, at church, and in the community.


JoAnn was born in the month of March (not quite as many years ago as Tim).  In high school, JoAnn spent her afternoons and evenings cheering on her school's athletic teams.  Some of her friends today can't believe that this quiet, mellow woman was once a cheerleader!  If JoAnn wasn't so busy being a full-time wife and mom, she would probably be working for DaySpring, writing greeting cards.  When she's not writing encouraging cards, JoAnn enjoys going to the gym.  It's nice that her gym has a "kids' club" for our children to enjoy while mommy's busy working out.  God has truly been protective over JoAnn throughout all her serious illnesses.  In recent years, she has suffered from Bell's Palsy, ovarian cysts, and viral meningitis (among other illnesses).  And all of these ailments have come while she's been suffering through a serious kidney disease for the past five years.  JoAnn is a strong woman with strong faith in God, and she is constantly reminded through all the difficulties that God is using her life to be a blessing to others.


Our son was born in the summer of 2000.  The first thing we all noticed about him was how much he looked like daddy.  As you can tell, things haven't changed much.  Our son has always been an outgoing boy and has never had a problem with going up to strangers and striking up conversations.  Some of our son's favorite foods include pizza, cheeseburgers, and waffles (pretty much your typical kids' foods).  But surprisingly, one of his favorites is Korean anchovies.  Give him a plate of rice and anchovies, along with some bean sprouts and a bowl of miso soup, and he's content.  When at home, our son enjoys playing with his Transformers and watching everything from Noggin to KCET to the Disney Channel.  He adores his little sister and takes good care of her.  He especially likes to kiss her cheek and hold her hand when she's sleeping.  Away from home, our son enjoys playing with his friends at church and at school.  We are truly thankful for such a loving and sensitive son.  We trust that he will continue to mature into a wonderful child of God!


Our daughter was born in the summer of 2002.  Her daddy almost had to catch her because the nurse was somewhere down the hall.  Our daughter's doctor wasn't even in the hospital when she decided to enter this world.  Thankfully, her daddy got the nurse's attention, and she rushed into the room just in time to catch her (literally)!  We can't get enough of our precious little girl.  She is a such a joy!  She loves taking care of her dolls and playing her keyboard.  She's also a very good dancer and gymnast.  Like her older brother, she also enjoys Korean anchovies!  She's also a big fan of string cheese and fruits and vegetables.  But more than anything, our daughter loves to chew gum.  Sometimes in the middle of the night while she's sleeping, she'll ask the question, "Can I have some gum?"  She enjoys hanging out with mommy while daddy's at work and older brother's at school.  We know that she won't stay small forever, so we cherish every moment with her at this young age.  Our constant prayer for her is that she will grow up to be a wonderful woman of God!

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